Five outdoor activities that boost a good health

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Good health goes hand in hand with physical fitness. Irrespective of your weight, size or even your shape, physical activities have been proven to be the best way of ensuring that you keep fit. Keeping fit ensures that you can keep away from diseases especially those that are associated with lifestyle. A good example being obesity as well as diabetes. To maintain good health and keep fit, you must not always do your exercises at the gym.

This can be achieved by doing or engaging yourself in various outdoor activities. This will ensure that you maintain your health and keep you away from diseases. Below are the five main outdoor activities that you can engage in to boost your good health.


Healthy walkingThis is one of the best outdoor activity that you can engage in to boost your good health. Many people own private cars, and this makes them remain dormant the whole day. This is because they drive to work, park near the door and just get in the lift which propels them to their workstation. It is advisable that you endeavor to use public transport from time to time or even park your vehicle away from the office. This will ensure that you walk some distance and this will exercise some parts of your body leading to good health.


Most people go for swimming as a way of enjoyment or attaining relaxation. However, swimming is a major outdoor activity that one can utilize in boosting good health. Research has shown that swimming is one of the activities that exercise almost every part of your body including your mind. It is therefore advisable to always go for swimming whenever you have time since this will act as a booster to your good health.


Healthy hikingThis is another activity that one can utilize to boost their health. Many people take hiking as a sport and not a fitness activity. However, it has been proven to be a major outdoor activity that can be used to improve your health. Hiking improves your muscle strength, your cardiovascular capacity as well as your immune system. It triggers your body to release the feel-good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin.


Playing has been taken by many as a sport rather than a fitness activity. However, it forms one of the main outdoor activities that you can utilize in maintaining your good health. People who play regularly are always fit. These include games like football, volleyball or even tennis. Playing with your children or even friends makes fitness an enjoyable moment. Playing increases your stamina, motion in joints, metabolism as well as your heart health.


This is another wonderful outdoor activity that one should utilize. It is great for your body. This includes digging, trimming, hoeing as well as lugging plants. All these activities help in building your stamina, dexterity, and endurance. Beyond the fitness you gain from gardening, you can grow fresh homegrown produce which is better for your health as compared to genetically modified foods.

There are many outdoor activities that an individual can utilize to boost own health. The activities discussed above are among the best. It is worth noting that one should never assume that good health will come automatically. It is usually achieved as a result of own effort and motivation. This will help in keeping you away from diseases.