Greek Yogurt

Benefits of Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is becoming a staple food to most people around the world.

Experts and nutritionists recommend Greek yogurt as its benefits go far much beyond those of regular yogurt.

Greek yogurt is easy to differentiate from typical yogurt. It passes through a specialized straining processes that leave it thick. Straining helps remove liquid whey a substance that contains about 20% milk protein.

It is silky white, Tangier and has a creamy goodness that most people love. Most health-conscious individuals are now turning away from the traditional supermarket yogurt to embrace the Greek way.

Why is Greek Yogurt better for you?

  • Great workout factor

BENEFITS OF GREEK YOGURT (1)Greek yogurt is a satisfying food that is essential for anyone seeking to shed some pounds in a fat-burning process.

Since it is packed with extra essential proteins, it is vital for building lean muscles.

Studies show that Greek yogurt contains double the amounts of proteins found in typical yogurt. Additionally, it is also rich in iodine that helps keep waistline in good shape.

Iodine also helps curb problems such as weight fluctuations and improve thyroid activity. Someone that takes the yogurt feels full for a longer time.

This is why most people use it to curb hunger and snack craving that make weight loss challenging.

  • Promotes digestive health

The probiotics or healthy bacteria contain in the yogurt is vital for improving gut health.

These bacteria are helpful in digesting food.

The high number of these bacteria is beneficial as it discourages the bad ones from thriving. It is good for people suffering from the irritable syndrome.

  • Recommended for healthy bones

Greek yogurt contains a complete set of vital nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and essential protein.

All these nutrients are useful for promoting the formation of robust and healthy bones. It is taken as the best supplement for meeting calcium needs.

  • Excellent source of B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital both healthy brain and body energy.

This is the reason most people add Greek yogurt to their daily diet especially the vegetarians.

  • Does great for the lactose-intolerant

BENEFITS OF GREEK YOGURT (1)Low carbohydrate dieters are often recommended to take Greek yogurt.

It contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates when compared to regular yogurt.

Sugar and lactose are all removed during the straining process.

Greek yogurt is beneficial in ways more than one. Personal trainers and nutritionists do recommend taking a serving of the yogurt at least once a day.

The above benefits best answer the question why is Greek yogurt better for you?